Millcreek Children’s Center’s Mission:

To provide young children 18 months – 5 years of age of lower-income working parents in the tri-county area with an excellent early childhood and pre-Kindergarten education in addition to broad support services, so that their lives can be enriched, productive and fulfilling.”

Since 1976, Millcreek Children’s Center, a non-profit 501 (c ) (3) organization, has been providing a high quality early childhood development and pre-Kindergarten readiness program for children from within Youngstown, Ohio and its surrounding communities of lower-income parents or parents enrolled in school or job training.
Our Board of Trustees and staff members envision a future where all children succeed in Kindergarten, primary and secondary education and beyond. The center’s “Step Up to Quality”, Three-Star award winning extended day education program for pre-school children ages 18 months – 5 years continues to flourish. Early childhood years have been identified as a crucial period for the development of important executive functions such as attention, memory and literacy skills that are necessary for successful school transition and later academic success. We adhere to the Ohio Early Learning and Developmental Standards with a focus on pre-K Literacy and utilize the Creative Curriculum for Preschool 5th. Edition. The curriculum is a blueprint for implementing developmentally appropriate programs and focuses on Social-emotional, Gross and Fine Motor skills, Language, Literacy, Cognitive skills, Science and Technology in addition to Mathematics and the Arts. Our Computer program teaches students proper use of age- appropriate software to further enhance the early learning process.

Also, as part of the center’s broad support for our students, we provide developmental tutoring services and act in a liaison capacity with our families in making referrals to appropriate agencies for other developmental delays. In addition, routine vision, dental and foot screenings are provided at no cost to our families.

With your help now, we will be able to:

• Support programs and related educational activities in the classrooms.

• Further enhance early learning through our Healthy Eating/Active Living initiatives, the Music, Movement and the Arts Enrichment Program, and provide additional off-campus learning activities.

• Support capital improvement! Our next major project is to fund the renovation and expansion of our kitchen facility. Each day an age-appropriate and nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack is prepared and served to our at-risk children.

We strive for excellence in our center so our underserved students and families can realize their dreams. Together with your support, we can achieve Millcreek Children’s Center’s tradition of “Preparing Todays Children for Exceptional Tomorrows” and shaping a future of success!